Kaja Mauve Bouquet Beauty Bento Eyeshadow Trio

Mauve Bouquet

The Kaja Mauve Bouquet Beauty Bento Bouncy Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio features a new, ultra-sparkly hue (no plastic glitter) as well as two old formula colours (but are new shades). This trio was very mauve-toned! The shimmers worked nicely, however the matte was powderier and sheerer than expected.

Wedding Champagne

Wedding Champagne is a rich peach with robust, warm undertones and a high-shine, sparkling finish.

Opaque coverage
Moderately dense with moderate slip, a touch of tackiness
Best applied with a flat, synthetic brush and pressed into place
Good adhesion with minimal fallout
Long-wearing (eight hours with light fallout)

Mauve Veil

Mauve Veil is a medium purple with warmer, brownish undertones and pink and silver glitter specks throughout.

Opaque color payoff
Smooth, moderately dense texture but picked up well with a dry brush
Good adhesion, minimal fallout
Long-wearing (eight hours)

Kaja Velvet Carpet Matte Eyeshadow
Kaja Velvet Carpet Matte Eyeshadow

Velvet Carpet

Velvet Carpet has a matte texture and is a deeper purple with subtle, warm undertones. While it was quite smooth to the touch, it did have a considerable degree of powderiness to it.

Medium color payoff
Smooth and velvety but moderately powdery
Blendable, prone to sheering out
Long-wearing (eight hours)