Kaja Gloss Shot, Milk Tea, Honey Drizzle, Pink Drink Hydrating Lip Glosses


Milk Tea

Kaja Milk Tea Gloss Shot Hydrating Lip Gloss is a light peach with moderate, warm undertones and barely-there pearl through a milkier, shiny finish. It had sheer coverage, which added a little bit of warmth to my natural lip color, but it was really a plusher, glossier finish that was most noticeable. The consistency felt smooth, more gel-like than a typical gloss, but it was thicker, despite not being heavy to wear. The brand marketed it as “non-sticky,” but there was light tackiness present after a minute or so of wear. This shade settled the least noticeably in my lip lines, but it was also the sheerest. It wore well for two and a half hours and felt moisturizing over time.

Honey Drizzle

Kaja Honey Drizzle Gloss Shot Hydrating Lip Gloss is a medium coral with warmer undertones paired with a high-shine, cream finish. The texture was slightly thicker, smooth, and creamier, which spread easily over my lips but was harder to maneuver as the applicator seemed to hold more product than necessary for a single application. I’d recommend using a bit less and using more if necessary but going in with a lighter hand initially! It had semi-sheer coverage that applied fairly evenly but settled into my lip lines. The high-shine finish made the settling less apparent in person. This shade lasted well for three hours and felt hydrating over time.

Pink Drink

Kaja Pink Drink Gloss Shot Hydrating Lip Gloss is a medium, pinky-coral with barely-there gold sparkle through a cream finish with a high-shine glossiness to it. The color was slightly darker and pinker compared to Honey Drizzle, but the two were more similar than not on me. The gloss had a smooth, gel-cream consistency that was thicker and more substantial, and slid readily over my lips before developing light tackiness after a couple of minutes. It had medium coverage in a single layer, which I wouldn’t build up as the gloss was thick enough in that single layer that more felt uncomfortable and very slippery. There was some product that settled into my deeper lip lines, which was less noticeable in person as the finish was very shiny. It stayed on well for three hours and felt moisturizing while worn.