Kaja Beauty Tiger’s Eye & Rose Quartz Moon Crystal Sparkling Eye Pigments Reviews & Swatches


Tiger’s Eye

Kaja Tiger’s Eye Moon Crystal Sparkling Eye Pigment is a medium-dark, taupe-brown with subtle, golden olive pearl and faint sparkle. It had opaque pigmentation that applied evenly and smoothly to my lid, and it blended out nicely along the edges without sheering out too readily. The consistency was more mousse-like, as it was thicker but airy enough not to feel heavy on my lid, but a little went a long way. It dried down very quickly, so I recommend working one area at a time as well. On my lid, it started to crease slightly after eight and a half hours of wear.

Rose Quartz

Kaja Rose Quartz Moon Crystal Sparkling Eye Pigment is a medium, reddish-copper with warmer, copper-brown base pigment and lighter, rose and red-copper sparkle and micro-glitter. It had semi-opaque pigmentation that didn’t build up well. The product itself dispersed with noticeable chunkiness where the product seemed to ball up on itself, which showed up on my lid during application.

I found it difficult to apply with brushes or to small areas (my fingertips are too large for precision); it was only decent applied to a larger area, like all over the lid, with fingertips as the warmth and pressure seemed to help smooth it out a little more. It tended to emphasize my lid texture and separated into my crease, even when I used fingertips, but wasn’t the disaster it looked when I used a brush. It did not work well layered as that definitely created a chunky, uneven surface and caused some of the initial layer to flake off. There were a couple of flakes that had fallen off after eight hours of wear.