Kaja Beauty Mystical & Magic Moon Crystal Sparkling Eye Pigments Reviews & Swatches


Kaja Mystical Moon Crystal Sparkling Eye Pigment is a bright lavender with cooler blue-to-pink shifting pearl and larger sparkle. It had medium to semi-opaque pigmentation with a chunkier, more glittery texture. Applied, it also kept its high-shine finish along with lots of twinkle. The downside was that it did not apply evenly to my lid and had a tendency to emphasize lid texture/lines.

The liquid eyeshadow dried down quickly, but it just didn’t dry down in a flattering way; from afar, it was brightening and sparkly, but up-close, it was a mess. The best way to use the product was to apply it all over the center of the lid with a fingertip, diffusing the edges quickly for more of a one-and-done kind of look. Once the eyeshadow set, it wore well for nine hours without creasing, but I had slight fallout over time.


Kaja Magic Moon Crystal Sparkling Eye Pigment is a deeper, reddish-brown base with blue-to-teal shifting sparkle and pearl. The consistency was noticeably clumpy as it squeezed out of the tube (and a little went a long way), so in order for the product to go on smoothly, there had to be enough pressure during application to smooth those clumps out–and this was a challenge.

I had the best luck applying the color all over my lid with my fingertip, as it gave me the surface area to diffuse and spread everything out and the warmth of my fingertip seemed to help it stay pliable longer. When I used a brush, it was difficult to apply the product evenly and smooth out the lumps, so it was noticeably thicker in some areas than others, which emphasized my lid texture/lines. It dried down fairly quickly, but it had a tendency to pull away as it was drying down, and this just seemed to make the unevenness I was already contending with even worse!

The eyeshadow was quite pigmented, and a little went a long way, so it was good to start with less than you think you might need and ramp up as needed, though it did not build up well–so I mean that more in the sense of what seems like necessary for just one eye. Once it was on, the eyeshadow stayed on without creasing for nine hours but a few flakes had fallen over time.