Kaja Beauty Atmosphere Mochi Pop Bouncy Blendable Blush Reviews & Swatches



Kaja Atmosphere Mochi Pop Bouncy Blendable Highlighter is a medium coral with warm undertones that leaned slightly pink paired with a faint, satiny sheen. It had buildable pigmentation from medium to mostly opaque, while the texture felt smooth to the touch with the slightest sense of slip/wetness (as it is a hybrid “powder-gel” formula).

The blush applied well over bare skin with fingertips, as recommended by the brand, and well over liquid foundation but lifted up foundation that had been set with powder. It was very quick to turn to a powder-like finish–pretty much as soon as it hit my fingertip–and was a thinner formula, too, which isn’t quite as forgiving to work with than something with more substance. On my skin, it wore well for eight hours before I noticed fading.