Kai Wachi Releases Debut Album “DEMIGOD” On Kannibalen Records

Sometimes an artist debuts with an album, for others it takes blood, sweat, and tears. The road to DEMIGOD has been long and arduous for Kai Wachi, but now that we’re here, it’s clear that this is still just the beginning. The 12 tracks undulate from heavy to heavier and there’s hardly a moment to catch your breath once you get started. Between collabs with Grabbitz, Famous Dex, Virus Syndicate, Ylti, Sam King, and Sullivan King, the album has a stunning degree of variety even with a pervasive central theme.

“Now that the album is done, I’m eager and nervous about the release. I’m mostly excited to showcase myself as a diverse artist through the album in ways that I haven’t been through my previous projects.

“With DEMIGOD I really wanted to showoff the evolution of the Kai Wachi sound, where it’s headed and where it can go. I didn’t want to just have an album of straight bangers, I wanted to take the time to do some different things, like the straight hip-hop jam with Ylti or the more feelsy “Photograph.” I want people to know I’m not just a dubstep artist.” – Kai Wachi

Check out DEMIGOD below, out now via Kannibalen Records.