K. Michelle Dropped Her Latest R&B Album Titled “I’m The Problem”

K. Michelle has recently dropped her latest R&B album titled “I’m The Problem.” This marks a significant moment in her career as she had previously announced her intention to transition fully into the world of country music after completing six studio albums in the R&B genre.

“I’m The Problem” boasts several noteworthy tracks, including the hit single “Scooch,” as well as previously released songs like “You” and “Wherever the D May Land.” One intriguing addition to the album is “Tennessee,” produced by Louis York, providing listeners with a glimpse into K. Michelle’s forthcoming venture into country music.

The album features production work from her frequent collaborator Lil’ Ronnie, along with contributions from Jazze Pha and Cory Moore. Fans of K. Michelle can expect a diverse range of sounds and emotions in this final R&B album before her exciting journey into the world of country music begins.