JVNA’s Cover Of “Crashing” By Illenium Is Hands Down The Best

A big part of my job as a dance music blogger is keeping an eye out for upcoming talent — when we shared our article about the official remix pack for Illenium’s “Crashing” yesterday, I kept seeing one name pop up over and over: JVNA. So I decided to check it out, and I have to say, it blew me away.

Rather than remixing it from stems like the others in the official pack, JVNA recreated “Crashing” from the ground up, vocals and all. The result is a brilliant blend of uplifting bass with stunning arpeggios and emotive melodies.

I’ll definitely be throwing JVNA a follow on SoundCloud, and she’s already making a case to be on our 2020 Artists To Watch list at the end of the year. Check out her cover of “Crashing” by Illenium below!

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