Justine Skye Is In Her Vocal Bag on New Single ‘Maybe;’ Parts with Atlantic Records

Justine Skye is in her vocal bag while taking flight with her man on her sultry new single, “Maybe.” Skye uses Afrobeats brilliantly to fuse the tantalizing lyrics of a dreamy experience with a lover and her melodic, ever-consistent perfect tone. Produced by Dre Skull (Drake, Wizkid, PARTYNEXTDOOR) and written by Skye, the song’s core is deeply rooted in a compelling description of Skye’s perception of a perfect relationship: If her guy has made her wifey, she’ll cross the ocean for him — maybe!

And just like that, she reveals the catch. There’s always a catch, right? The climatic background of car-blaring-worthy instrumentation distracts from her seductive intentions. The production demands attention, and that’s always been the case in the recipe to a dynamic R&B record. With clear inspiration from musical genius Sadé and the type of sound that Kelly Rowland could benefit from, Skye is steady making her way to the forefront of storytelling through the new alternative R&B wave and is leaving the heavy, pop-girl vibes to those who desire it.

The newly independent artist is using her newfound freedom to explore a more sensual, vocal palate. We’ve heard her tone before, but never like this. It’s different. She’s exploring her falsetto and utilizing her rifts with more intention to help tell her compelling truths. There’s an evolving vocal experience on the rise worthy of praise and we’re here for all of it. And just so happens, so is Blood Orange. Earlier this month they released a new mixtape entitled Angle’s Pulse, which features Skye twice on standout tracks “Good For You” and “Take It Back.” If not exciting enough, Skye will also make her TV debut this year as she joins the cast of BET’s ‘Tales’ for its second season.

If not ever before apparent: Skye is creating music with more attention to what she can do vocally and is creating additional streams of income through her flourishing brand. She could never fit into the smallness the music business kept presenting to her, maybe.

Honorable Barz: “Take out your wings and fly/ Know I’m the reason why”