Justin Bieber New Album, “Justice” co-produced with Skrillex and Virtual Riot

Justice, the new album from Justin Bieber, is out today. One track in particular raised eyebrows earlier this week when it was revealed that Skrillex and Virtual Riot had a hand in creating it. Skrillex also co-produced an additional two tracks, “Somebody” and “Loved By You.”

That song is “2 Much,” the lead track on the album. Anyone who expected even the slightest bit of wub is going to be sorely disappointed, as the track is pretty much acoustic, with soft piano chords, some introductory words from Martin Luther King, Jr., and Bieber’s recognizable, reverberating voice speaking about love, which could be interpreted as either directed toward his wife, Hailey, or his love of God. The next track Skrillex co-produced on the album is “Somebody,” which is comparatively more upbeat and dancey than “2 Much.” You can tell there’s some additional production on this one, but it’s still well within the parameters of Bieber’s album, and not a lot of Skrillex’s personal touch.

Lastly, “Loved By You” features a bouncier rhythm that you could definitely recognize as touched by Skrillex, though if you didn’t know that beforehand, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell. Overall, EDM fans won’t find much reason to give this album a listen if they’re only looking for electronic-influenced beats, but the high level of production and obvious pop appeal are sure to charm tens of millions of other listeners. Listen below.

Photo via Marilyn Hue