Josh Rubin Unveils Emotionally Charged EP “Playing with Fire”: A Musical Odyssey of Love & Self-Reflection

Embark on a profound musical journey as the rising artist Josh Rubin unveils his heartfelt EP titled “Playing with Fire.” This collection of tracks delves deep into the artist’s past experiences and intimate relationships, showcasing a poignant reflection on life’s complexities. Collaborating with esteemed producers such as noll, Highland, Francis Derelle, Yetep, Klaxx, and Afinity, Rubin effortlessly blends an eclectic range of sonic influences, resulting in a mesmerizing and captivating musical odyssey.

Prepare to be swept away as the EP encapsulates the essence of love, its inherent risks, and the indispensable nature of both passion and affection for survival. Through this remarkable body of work, Rubin beautifully conveys that expressing love is a courageous gamble, resonating with listeners on a profound emotional level.