Josh Cassidy Flips RL Grime’s Edit Of TNGHT’s “Acrylics” For A Wild Live Set Banger [Free Download]

Break down EDM tracks into two categories: those that sound better in live settings, and those generally only listen to at home. Of course there’s some overlap between the two, as well. But for the purpose of being a music critic, the former category doesn’t typically get much love from me — unless it’s that good.

Enter Josh Cassidy with a massive flip of RL Grime’s edit of TNGHT’s “Acrylics.” As much of a mouthful as that is, this flip is one that will surely have people at any show wondering what the hell is happening. The intense bass and super high-pitched synths are guaranteed to have a positive effect on the crowd. But, as I said before, just sitting at home in my desk chair with a glass of water at my side, it doesn’t feel like the right setting. That’s good news, actually, since Excision, G-Rex, and more have already been playing out his songs live in their sets. Check out Cassidy’s flip below to see if it’s right for your set and download here.