Jon Casey & XAVAGE ‘Make It Clap’

The resurgence of trap music all around the world is one of the highlights of the dance scene over the past two years. Consequently, the underground trap scene is one of the most forward-thinking communities in dance music, and recently we’ve seen a few names start to make a name for themselves. XAVAGE and Jon Casey definitely fit the bill here, as both of them have created their own distinct sounds through the years. Before COVID-19 brought the world to it’s knees, these two were in the middle of blazing their own respective paths.

Xavage had just landed his debut Stay Xavage EP on Circus Records, and Jon Casey had just dropped a true trap album, Flora & Fauna, his debut LP. On top of this, Jon Casey, the South African native, had just played his debut US show with the iconic Brownies & Lemonade team in Los Angeles. To say these two are one’s to watch is quite the understatement.

‘Make It Clap’ goes straight for that nostalgic twerk trap vibe in the intro with its aggressive 808s, claps, and a hypnotic vocal sample is gloriously looped. After a quick riser-filled build, we’re met with this clever call-and-response section where this siren-like lead is accompanied by these gritty low-ends. XAVAGE and Jon Casey have undoubtedly put the twerk back into trap.