John Legend Collaborates With R&B Star Muni Long On His New Track “Honey”

John Legend collaborates with R&B star Muni Long on his new track “Honey.” Legend’s future album is likely to contain the song. Ryan Tedder, Steven Franks, Lindgren, and Tommy Brown produced “Honey,” which Legend and Long co-wrote with Melanie Joy Fontana, HARV, Gregory Heinn, Lindgren, Franks, Tedder, and Brown. Long and Legend had previously collaborated as songwriters, but “Honey” is their first collaboration as recording artists.

The new song is the second from Legend’s upcoming album, after the previously released track “Dope.” Currently, John Legend is set to return to Las Vegas for the second leg of his critically acclaimed residency, “Love in Las Vegas,” with shows running from August 5th through 20th and October 14th through 29th.