JLEON Dives Deep & Dark with “Boruca Mask EP”

JLEON is at it again with his latest Boruca Mask EP, out now on Deep Dark and Dangerous. This EP is named for the indigenous Boruca population of JLEON’s native Costa Rica, who are known for their vibrant culture, history, and survival through Spanish colonization. The Boruca’s most proud and prominent feature is their vibrant, hand-carved masks, a craft that’s been passed down for centuries, and featured on the EP’s album art. JLEON produced this EP to draw attention to atrocities the Boruca have recently faced.

The album art is stylized to represent a traditional Boruca mask, incorporating themes of the album’s four tracks. The elegant tail feathers of a “Quetzal”, the “Irazu” volcano, and “Xasúj” the elder, all featured on as elements of a “Boruca” mask. Listen closely as JLEON brings tribal motifs to the dank jungle of the Deep, Dark and Dangerous. 

JLEON – Boruca Mask