JKXO Puts A Mellow Spin On Synthwave

Some tracks can remind you of a wild night out, a devastating breakup, or a mellow jam sesh, but JKXO’s new single “R!DE,” started with some good old fashion weeknight insomnia. A newcomer on the scene, JKXO showcases the best of his multi-instrumentalist skillset and combines it with a personalized blend of indie, R&B, synthwave, and nu disco. His debut track is a hands down testament to this, as “R!DE” nails all the aspects of this vibe with a tranquil top line gracing a sleepy synth section, all the while being held together with a fluid, yet sturdy percussive element. Needless to say after hearing “R!DE”, that this is an artist you want to keep you eyes and ears on!