Jive to the Bass-Infused Electronic Modules of Spiderhound’s New EP ‘Funky Pills’

Electronic music producer Spiderhound is exemplifying a gratifying multi-genre influence and edgy rhythmic cuts in his newly released extended play, ‘Funky Pills’.

The sound of contemporary electronic dynamics are being structured into captivating song frames by electronic music producer and DJ, Spiderhound. He has exemplified the virtues of a multi-genre sound with heavy bass interruptions in such an eccentric arrangement that his music has slowly become the energy conserver of my days. He recently came out with the EP, ‘Funky Pills’ which is a zestful assortment of five heavy-on-the-bass songs told through a chronological story. The EP is a cultural tribute to the early rave scenes but with a distinct arrangement resembling modern-day sound designing.

Sean Naughton or Spiderhound as he is widely known as has been in the industry for over 20 years. The result of this extensive exposure and musical growth culminated in the EP, ‘Funky Pills’ and many other song samples. Some of his most prominent works including ‘Sangfroid’, ‘Hold You’, ‘One Time’, and ‘Pump the Rhythm’ capture the soul of creative stimuli like no other. Having expertized on the various sub-degrees of bass imbibed genres like downtempo, IDM, dubstep, experimental, glitch, and more, he has created a surreal and kaleidoscopic trail into his musical varieties. Indulge in these unworldly motifs of musical enormity by following him on Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, last.fm, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and his official website.