Jillionaire Officially Leaves Major Lazer, Replaced By Ape Drums Ahead Of Final Album

major lazer

Major Lazer is ushering in “a new era of lazer” ahead of the group’s 4th and supposed final album… but it won’t be with Jillionaire. The longtime member of the group has reportedly parted ways with Diplo and Walshy Fire to pursue solo projects, to be replaced by Ape Drums.


The departure began to become apparent when his name was continuously left out of promotional materials. The video below, for instance, only mentions Jillionaire in the first scene. Thereafter, it was only Diplo and Walshy.

a new era of lazer 🌐 pic.twitter.com/gJGAO6illB


Another major indication that Jillionaire had officially left was Major Lazer’s performance at Governors Ball this past weekend, when he was absent and Ape Drums was present.

Feels good to be back. We are grateful for your presence @govballnyc pic.twitter.com/HoI5aeZx1D


No official statement has come from any member of Major Lazer, past, present, or future, and Jillionaire’s Twitter has been inactive since September 2018. Some sort of press release is expected in due time, or perhaps the group will simply carry on and leave fans to assume for themselves.

Jillionaire has been a member of the group since 2011, when he and Walshy were brought in to replace founding member Switch. He’s featured on two Major Lazer albums, Free the Universe in 2013, and Peace is the Mission in 2015.

H/T Dancing Astronaut | Photo via Dan Wilton/Red Bull Content Pool

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