Jhene Aiko Drops Soulful Hit “Sun/Son”: A Musical Celebration of Motherhood!

Renowned R&B sensation Jhene Aiko joyously commemorates her son’s first birthday with the unveiling of her latest single, “Sun/Son.” The soul-stirring melody serves as a heartfelt tribute to the significant milestone, a sentiment the artist passionately shared across her social media platforms.

The musical masterpiece, expertly produced by Derex Williams and the late AUGUST 08, encapsulates the profound emotions associated with the celebration of her son’s inaugural year of life. In a unique artistic endeavor, Jhene Aiko has also crafted a captivating piano rendition of the track, providing fans with an alternative yet equally enchanting version to savor.

This release follows Aiko’s 2020 album, “Chilombo,” which solidified her standing as a musical force. Notably, the single “calm & patient” graced the airwaves last year, further showcasing her artistic evolution and versatility.

Beyond her solo endeavors, Jhene Aiko has actively contributed to the enchanting realm of baby music through projects like “Sleep Soul.” This initiative underscores her multifaceted talents, extending beyond the boundaries of traditional music and into the realm of creating soothing experiences for the youngest of audiences.

As the celebrated artist continues to weave her musical narrative, “Sun/Son” stands as a testament to her ability to infuse personal milestones with soulful melodies, ensuring her resonance in both the musical and personal development spheres.