Jhene Aiko Drops New Track “Calm & Patient”

Jhene Aiko, an R&B artist, has just released a new song called “Calm & Patient.” Her first solo release after working on the Sleep Soul projects earlier this month. Aiko’s distinctive sound of dreamy, ethereal vocals placed over a smooth R&B groove may be expected. “Calm & Patient” is a wonderfully composed single that highlights Aiko’s ability to narrate stories via her vocals.

Aiko has teamed with fellow R&B musician Nas on the Sleep Soul projects, in addition to her solo efforts. The duo collaborated on three tunes, each demonstrating their distinct talents and ability to produce beautiful music together. In “Calm & Patient,” Aiko, on the other hand, reminds listeners that her solo work is just as strong and captivating. The song is a tribute to her development as an artist, as well as a promise of even greater things to come.

Aiko’s new record cements her reputation as one of R&B’s most gifted and original musicians. Fans may expect more solo albums from her in the future, as well as possible collaborations with other artists. Yet for the time being, “Calm & Patient” is an excellent addition to any R&B playlist. Aiko’s soothing voice and the track’s soft feel make it ideal for a quiet day or late-night drive.