Jesse Lopez Releases The Most Perfect Song Of This Hour Titled ‘Quarantine Made Me Do It’

Singer Jesse Lopez has treated all his fans with a new engaging material ‘Quarantine Made Me Do It’ that everyone who is in quarantine would perfectly resonate with. The much needed and the most perfectly curated Quarantine song is here with Jesse Lopez showing off his Mexican Italian charm most prominently in his latest song ‘Quarantine Made Me Do It’.

With each one of us having a tough time and struggling to pass days at home with absolutely nothing to do, this talented singer gifted us with a sweet, engaging, and brutally honest depiction of what our quarantine days look like. I could relate to the visuals which showed how we spend days locked in our homes, wearing the same t-shirt, laughing at our jokes, eating all packed junks, playing with our pets, singing out loud, doing all obnoxious things as no one is there to watch around. The song also spoke of how we are glued to Instagram all the time and I couldn’t help but laugh at how genuinely he has framed the whole scenario by incorporating all small details into his catchy creation.

Jesse Lopez has a soul of a romantic and his songwriting is outstandingly charming. I simply couldn’t stop myself from repeating this fusion of Rock and Country on a loop that has reminiscence of Kane Brown, Luke Combs, and Eric Church. ‘Quarantine Made Me Do It’ summarizes everything that quarantine has at least made me do and that gives me enough reasons to tune into his fine music repeatedly. The artist has been inspired by Eric Clapton, Rob Thomas, Neil Young to create his music and is always working on new songs to entertain his fans. Beat your quarantine blues by watching the video on YouTube. And, follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more engaging content.