JEANIE drops her Most Aggressive Release to date in the form of “Psychosis”

JEANIE drops her most aggressive release to date in the form of “Psychosis.” This 2-minute 15-second banger wastes no time getting to the punch. The track opens up with an airy, dark tone before bringing in heavy guitar and a quick build, ultimately dropping into hard trap madness. With this release, one thing is for sure — the JEANIE takeover has only just begun.

JEANIE shares of the track:

I made Psychosis one night after having writer’s block for a while and it’s definitely the result of a lot of pent up aggression. I’d say it’s just the beginning of an even heavier era for me!

Yeah, she just said “heavier era” — and given JEANIE’s already massive catalog including “Wobble,” “SPEED” and “HEADSHOT,” we already can’t wait to hear her go off again. Listen here to “Psychosis,” out now on Space Yacht and link up with JEANIE below!


JEANIE – Psychosis [Space Yacht]