Jay Hardway Teams Up with Tom & Jame for New Rave Banger “Run Baby Run”

Jay Hardway continues to impress in 2020, this time with his most rave-ready track of the year “Run Baby Run.” This time Jay teams up with fellow Dutch producers Tom & Jame and Australian vocalist JGUAR (you might recognize her from Hardwell’s track “Being Alive”) for a true dance floor stomper that should get bodies moving. “Run Baby Run” also marks Jay’s return to his good buddy Martin Garrix’s STMPD label. Fittingly, Martin debuted the track during his TomorrowLand virtual set last week. This marks the first of 8 IDs Martin played during the set to get a full release.

The opening drums immediately let you know that this track is a banger, we get a little taste of the riff that will become the drop. The first part of the song is just JGUAR’s vocals laid against a droning synth note in the background. The tempo picks up immediately after her first verse as drums come in and you know the drop is going to go hard. The drop has a weird flute-ish synth playing a bouncy riff against the beat in the background. Quite simply, it’s a massive drop, the melody hits, and every time you hear the song, you want more.

Jay Hardway is definitely not the most outspoken member of the EDM community, however, he had a message to go along with this song. All artists always struggle with staying true to themselves and doing what is the most commercially viable thing. Jay is apparently no stranger to this. Thankfully, however, it appears he’s found himself in a much better place and is ready to keep cranking out dope music.

“I’ve come to realize what really is important in life and that the way I was doing things and especially WHY I was doing things wasn’t always a good thing, I was focused too much on likes, streams, follower count, subscribers, etc.My main focus right now is MUSIC. I love music. I’ve always loved music. I’ve always loved making music. That’s what Jay Hardway is about, that’s what I’m about.”

Check out the latest from Jay Hardway and Tom & Jame “Run Baby Run” featuring JGUAR out now on STMPD.