Jauz Presents First-Ever This Is Off The Deep End Compilation

If you’ve been on the hunt for a high-energy compilation to take your summer to the next level, Jauz has got you covered. Out today via Jauz’s Bite This! imprint, the 10-track album This Is Off The Deep End is a refreshing mix of house and techno. From deep house to melodic tech-house and everything in between, the LP sees Jauz dive deep into the underground. Featuring tracks from Jauz, Ship Wrek, i_o, Kendoll, and more, This Is Off The Deep End is the compilation that you’ve been waiting for. Stream the LP below and catch Jauz during his residency at KAOS Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

I knew I wanted the compilation to be really tech-forward but also not “just another tech-house compilation,” it needed to feel fresh and new and like we were bringing a different direction or edge to that world of music.  I think all the songs on the compilation are great examples of paying homage to the rules and guidelines of “proper” house music but also incorporating influences from tons of different kinds of dance music. Each song is unique on its own but as a compilation, I think they all fit together pretty great! – Jauz

Various Artists – Jauz Presents: This Is Off The Deep End