JAUZ – Jaws Theme for Jaws 5: Reboot (2021)

Jauz is set to make his big screen debut in a future reboot of the 1975 cult classic, Jaws. To celebrate the film’s 50th anniversary, Jaws 5 is most definitely happening and Jauz will make a cameo. However, considering the production is still in its very early stages, the nature of his appearance is unknown. Will he perform an underwater DJ set? Will his legs get ripped off by the monstrous shark? The suspense is killing us… Dunnn Dun… Dunnn Dun…

Director Steven Spielberg actually saw Jauz live on his Dangerous Waters tour and made the connection while under the influence of psychedelics. He later did some research and dug up JAUZ’s old “Jaws Theme” bootleg, which will serve as the movie’s theme. Listen here!

Photo via Rukes.com