Jauz, Illenium, Kayzo & More Share Their Worst Horror Stories Of DJing While Sick

Performers are not infallible. There are plenty times in the careers of a DJ, actor, comedian, athlete or what have you that they are not in peak physical condition — and yet, they soldier on and deliver a worthy performance because it is their job and they’re passionate about their craft.

Yesterday, beginning with a rather innocuous comment from Rezz, Jauz shared his own horror story of being on stage in Vegas with a raging fever: “it was one of the best residency shows I ever did, I ended up giving so much energy during the set and then when it was done I literally couldn’t walk back up the stairs to my hotel.”

I played a day club show in Vegas once with a 104 degree fever and it was one of the best residency shows I ever did, I ended up giving so much energy during the set and then when it was done I litterally couldn’t walk back up the stairs to my hotel 😂

— JAUZ (@Jauzofficial) March 7, 2019

From there, Rezz got the idea to ask others about their own “performance horror stories,” and let me tell you, the floodgates opened. Kayzo, Illenium, Hotel Garuda, Ducky, Ekali, Tisoki, p0gman, Feed Me, Luca Lush and more all shared their unique performance horror stories, and we just gained a whole newfound respect for these legends.

LOL. This makes me curious to hear any other performance horror stories of being Sick on stage , anybody else? https://t.co/iyumolZfh1

— Rezz (@OfficialRezz) March 7, 2019

Read them all below!

NYE 2017 I had insane food poisoning with three shows in 24 hours. By the 3rd show I needed an IV but the paramedic missed and I started bleeding everywhere which made me puke more. I Almost passed out lol. Honestly I barely remember the shows hahaha.


Played cakeshop in Seoul one time with food poisoning… halfway thru a transition I knelt down and puked on the stage, then had to DJ in it for the rest of the set. Was awful

— 🍃EKALI🍃 (@EkaliMusic) March 7, 2019

i was awake for 3 days before i played a show in Italy once like 4-5 years ago and passed out during my set from exhaustion and woke up to the stage manager leaning over me lol

— TISOKI (@tisoki) March 7, 2019

played support on @JaiWolfx first headline run , LA show i was battling a 105 fever the whole time, sweating through my clothes. not fun !!

— Hotel Garuda (@hotelgaruda) March 7, 2019

I played lollapalooza last year with kidney stones 🥴🤘🏼

— kayzo (@KayzoMusic) March 7, 2019

Fainted after a set – club was packed and recorded temperature in booth area was over 100 degrees – took a photo after I came to and went to the restroom to collect myself it was like I had just stepped out of the shower pic.twitter.com/wsltSm6VIx

— Dani Deahl (@danideahl) March 7, 2019

Also did 10 shows in 10 days with dislocated bones in foot, XS had to be wheelchaired in. Jake pushed me into roulette table and I fell out. Bones popped back together while at drinks with @DjDieselboy have never forgotten how good that felt

— Feed Me (@feedme) March 7, 2019

Had diarrhea so bad I had to stop the music and run through the crowd to the club bathroom because there was no green room bathroom. Luckily @DjDieselboy was there to step in and play a few tracks while I basically exploded ☠️💩

— Downlink (@downlinkmusic) March 7, 2019

・used to get so nervous before my sets I’d panic & throw up
・ 104 fever strep throat – euphoria 2016
・gas station burrito from hell & the endless poops – Tampa 2016
・ food poisoning from in&out – escape 2017

— ʟᴜᴄᴀ ʟᴜsʜ 🌺 (@LUCALUSH) March 7, 2019

dry heaving thru a set on stage in montanta while the green room is below 20 degrees F and then going back to sit there for and wait for a taxi that just wouldnt come

— bleep bloop (@bleepbloopbass) March 7, 2019

Got food poisoning before a Vegas day show and puked in a bucket behind the decks

— louis (@LouisTheChild) March 7, 2019

my first time playing bill graham i had food poisoning AND the flu at the same time

— DUCKY (@QUACKHOUSE) March 7, 2019

Broke my leg on the Friday night at @ValhallaSC. Played my set in a cast and wheelchair on the Saturday night. 2 snapped bones, a 10 inch metal plate and 14 screws later. I went on to do an 8 week US tour on crutches 3 months after too 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

— TRINAL VOL. 1 OUT NOW (@p0gman) March 7, 2019

Photos via Rukes.com

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