Jauz & Axel Boy Team Up For Massive Bass Heavy Collab [LISTEN]

Jauz Axel Boy

Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Jauz and Axel Boy have teamed up for a new collab on Bite This! that will feed those EDM cravings deep inside. “I Dare You” is built to satisfy bass heads and house lovers alike. With its screaming synths, rave-worthy melodic moments and absolutely insane drops, the gripping track dares listeners to lose their minds. As with any Jauz or Axwel Boy production, the sound design is crystal clear. This is a far cry from Jauz’s most recent release, his “Baby Shark” remix. As we all know and heard with his debut album The Wise and the Wicked, Jauz is always changing things up. It’s a kind reminder that dance music needs his vision and paired with Axel Boy — they’re both unstoppable forces. Listen here and enjoy! “I Dare You”… sorry, had to.

Jauz & Axel Boy – I Dare You