Jauz Announces Official Release Of “Baby Shark” Remix This Friday

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Jauz Announces Official Release Of “Baby Shark” Remix This Friday


When Jauz finally debuted his anticipated — and we say that with a straight face — “Baby Shark” remix at Coachella last month, we never dreamed it would actually get an official release. And yet, here we are, 46 days later, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

This afternoon, Jauz announced that his “Baby Shark” remix is “finally coming out” this Friday, May 31. The original song from Pinkfong, an education brand within South Korean media startup SmartStudy, was released on November 25, 2015 and as of May 2019 this version has garnered over 2.8 billion views on YouTube.

Fans wanted Jauz to remix the song since his own brand is shark-related, and… “Baby Shark” is a meme. That’s pretty much the extent of the justification.

Regardless, it happened, and here we are, and I’m actually excited to hear it in high quality this Friday. You can hear a clip of the remix from Jauz below.

A remix by the people, for the people 👶 🦈 the Baby Shark remix YOU all made happen is finally coming out THIS FRIDAY! So much love to @pinkfong_usa for making me an honorary member of the Baby Shark family ❤️ pic.twitter.com/Z7D5KId1ql

— JAUZ (@Jauzofficial) May 28, 2019

Photo courtesy of Coachella

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