Jauz and HALIENE join forces to deliver,“Oceans & Galaxies” via Monstercat

Jauz and HALIENE join forces to deliver on a dreamy, downtempo track, “Oceans & Galaxies” for Monstercat. While streaming on Twitch early in the pandemic, the pair made friends and thus the song was born. Fittingly, the production features HALIENE’s atmospheric vocals, accompanied by a trance-like melody and oceanic bass. The lyrics illustrate a love story that transcends distance.

Jauz shares:

I’ve been a fan of HALIENE’s for so long, and had wanted to write a song with her forever. We had never actually met until this year, and in true 2020 fashion, it was because we were both streaming weekly on Twitch. We wrote the song together on one of my streams and the way it came together was so effortless. “Oceans and Galaxies” is something that still feels like a JAUZ song, but that fans are looking forward to hearing during a live show not because they want to headbang but because they want to sing along to the chorus.

But wait, there’s more…

The song’s release is accompanied by an Earth Day livestream on April 22, hosted by Jauz and HALIENE on Monstercat’s Twitch channel. During the event, Jauz and HALIENE will premiere an acoustic performance of “Oceans & Galaxies,” alongside live art and conservation education.

Dr. Austin Gallagher, Chief Executive & Lead Scientist at Beneath The Waves), shares, “We are thrilled for the opportunity to work with Jauz and HALIENE on this release. Collaboration is a core value for our team, as well as embracing innovative ways to inspire the general public around oceans, and music inspires us in all aspects of our work. We very much see our science and storytelling as an art form as well, and we hope that through this collaboration, we can show people that anyone can make a positive impact for our planet, our sharks, and our ocean. True conservation requires all of us working together, and what better way to connect deeply with an audience than through music.” Plug in some headphones and get lost in the song here!

Jauz & HALIENE – Oceans & Galaxies