Jason Ross, Blanke, Chandler Leighton debut collaboration,“One More Day”

For as long as there’s been a Blanke, there’s been a Jason Ross. And for as long as these two have existed, people have wanted them to collaborate… that’s (more than) likely a hefty exaggeration, but based on interactions on social media, that’s sometimes what it felt like. This past Friday, the two bombastic producers finally released their debut collaboration, “One More Day” with Chandler Leighton. With Blanke coming from the world of midtempo, but representing so much more, and Jason Ross coming from trance and house, and likewise producing so much more, Ophelia was the perfect receptacle for their debut collaboration. It’s an absolutely beautiful tempest of of intense chords, meaningful lyrics and expressive vocals, and plenty of memorable moments.

Based on the crowds that both artists attract, you can bet that this will be one of the highlight moments of either’s sets, with everyone belting out every single word, holding hands and swaying at the first drop, summarily losing their shit at the second, and simply passing away at the third. Check out “One More Day” below!