Jaron Releases Debut Artist EP, “Everything in Between”

A lot of today’s best producers are getting younger and younger. Look at Madeon and Porter Robinson and where they started versus where they are now and it’s easy to see why young people are taking their craft to heart. With artists like Moore Kismet, Whales, and others under the age of 18, the future of EDM is looking bright — and that definitely includes Jaron. Without a doubt, Jaron is one of the most talented melodic songwriters in electronic music right now. His ability to weave sounds together into the most beautiful of combinations is hardly even reached by some of the greatest touring DJs right now. And now, he’s able to show it off in his debut artist EP, Everything in Between, out now via Seeking Blue.

Spanning six tracks, including the incredible “Venture,” Jaron gets to paint a story with his songs — though, those who listen know that he can do so in just one song just as easily. But with a larger canvas comes more opportunity to develop and grow. While some might be quick to criticize these tracks as being too long or overly reaching, Jaron has proven himself an expert at knowing just when to reel it back in or explode with intensity. The sweeping synths serve their purpose with grace, leaving room for more when it’s appropriate.

Everything in Between might take some time to get used to, but it’s easily one of my favorite bodies of work this year. Listen below.