Jane In Space Plays with A/V In New Video off ‘Gorerunner’ EP [Video]

You never do know quite what to expect from electro-industrial duo Jane In Space but that’s kind of why they’re so interesting. From their Gorerunner EP released last year when Your EDM discovered them, the duo have released videos now for all of the songs on that EP except for “Little Rarus,” with the most recent one being “Thru the Vines.” There’s definitely an audio-visual component to Jane In Space’s art and it’s just as diverse as the music.


Within Gorerunner alone, Jane In Space (JIS) have covered a multitude or genres from indie-electro pop a’la LCD Soundsystem to straight up dark techno to more NIN-inspired industrial vibes. “Thru the Vines” has a definite industrial tinge to it but both the synths and the vocals are les raw and more emotive than we’ve heard before from JIS. Co-producer Keith Hilderbrandt says the emotional tension was a conscious decision:

“‘Thru The Vines’ had a very desperate feel to it so I really wanted to push a sense of unease sonically. I really focused on the distant and detached elements so they weren’t in you face, but you knew they were there, hiding.”

The “Thru the Vines” video was directed by Permian Strata, who also directed the “Gorerunner,” “Full Stop” and “Eat Your Face” videos but you’d never know it. The four videos vary wildly from each other, so it seems Strata shares Jane In Space’s penchant for making each song or video as its own piece of art; similar in some ways to the others but completely contained within its own reality.

While all the videos have a surreal quality, “Thru the Vines” is probably the most obviously trippy video in the Gorerunner series so far. Strata was very clear on his vision for the video, and it does seem right in line with what JIS were going for:

“The previous few songs on the EP have a slow-building tension to them. And then “Thru The Vines” bursts through with this primal energy. In the video, the main character does literally that–he bursts into a ball of energy and hurdles through the ether, surrounded by an incomprehensible reality. I used optical feedback as a means of generating patterns that create the feeling of falling into the abyss.”

Between the song and the video for “Thru the Vines,” Jane In Space have really got their point across, using the video to put a solid period on the end of the track’s statement. It they plan to do a video for “Little Rarus,” it will likely be just as impactful. Here’s hoping they continue the A/V precedent they began with the other videos on the Gorerunner EP.

Gorerunner is out now and can be streamed on Spotify. Check out the rest of Jane In Space’s videos from the EP on their YouTube channel.

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