Jai Wolf Releases Debut Album The Cure To Loneliness Ahead of North American Tour

With five days left before he begins his North American tour, Jai Wolf is finally ready to share his debut album with the world. An accumulation of two year’s worth of work, The Cure To Loneliness offers a special kind of magic that comes to life with each track.  Gracefully straddling the lines between indie and electronic music, Jai Wolf deftly creates a soundscape drenched with dreamy highs and melodic moments designed to evoke an emotional response. Features from Mr. Gabriel, Dresage, Robokid, Day Wave and Now Now add just the right touch as each run through of the album offers a new aspect for listeners to discover new nuances to fall in love with. Enjoy Jai Wolf’s debut album below and catch him on tour starting April 10th through May 18th.

Jai Wolf – The Cure To Loneliness