Jai Wolf back with a stellar remix of “blue” by keshi

Preoccupied with his own original work, it’s been four years since Jai Wolf has released a remix of his own, the last being “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers in 2017. Now, he’s back with a stellar remix of “blue” by keshi.

Starting off with heartfelt, raw guitar chords, keshi’s voice comes in modulated and pitched, very, very different than the original. Adding a swelling melody on top, and then the drums ahead of the drop, it quickly becomes a synth-laden, synthwave symphony and its beauty cannot be overstated. Toward the second drop, he overlays the pitched vocals with keshi’s original voice for a wonderful, unexpected harmony.

On the remix, Jai Wolf said, “I gravitated towards ‘Blue’ cause I felt like it perfectly captured what I was feeling during the middle of quarantine last summer. It’s an honor to remix Keshi, who I’ve admired for quite some time!”

Check it out below!