Jagged Edge Reveal Behind the Scenes Look at Photo Shoot for Upcoming 10th Album

Legendary 90’s R&B group Jagged Edge are hard at work on their upcoming 10th album and they give a behind the scenes look at a promo shoot for the project. Unfortunately we don’t get a sneak peek at any of the new music at this time, but it’s still cool to see the group coming together in this way. The song you can hear playing in the background of the promotional video is Jagged Edge’s latest single “Closest Thing to Perfect”. The song is the lead single from the upcoming album which has yet to be named.

When the upcoming album releases it will be the group’s first project since “Layover” in 2017. The group’s milestone 10th album has yet to be given a release date. Jagged Edge is now over two decades in the music industry following thier debut album “A Jagged Era” from 1997.