JACKAL Debuts On RL Grime’s Sable Valley With “Christ Person, Woman God”

Fans have been anxiously waiting to see what kind of talent RL Grime’s new Sable Valley imprint would push to the forefront. Following the label’s debut track “Arcus,” “Christ Person, Woman God” has made its arrival as Sable Valley’s sophomore release. Crafted by the hands of JACKAL, the producer delivers another glimpse of his refreshing take on future bass.

The exuberant leads will leave you in awe as you will easily lose yourself in the atmosphere transpired by this production. Luring you in with its luscious sound design, “Christ Person, Woman God” is easily some of JACKAL’s best work. Check out the newest member of Sable Valley and listen to his minimix for a taste of what to expect.

JACKAL – Christ Person, Woman God