Israel Protests COVID-19 Lockdown With 3,000 Person Concert

Like most of the rest of the world, Israel has been on lockdown due to COVID-19 since mid-March. Like the rest of the world, this has pretty much shattered their live entertainment industry. However, yesterday, the country staged a protest against the lockdown with 3,000 people gathered in a park in Tel Aviv for an unsanctioned concert, “Behind the Scenes: an Assembly of Solidarity.”

The event featured a dozen prominent Israeli artists performing on a large stage.

According to Consequence of Sound, “In order to stage such a large-scale mass gathering, organizers of the event exploited a loophole in Israel’s health regulations allowing for contained protests. Upon entering the park, attendees were asked to wear a face mask and keep six feet apart. Those social-distancing practices were quickly disregarded, however, as video and photos from the event show many people, without face masks, dancing in close proximity.”

To date, Israel has 16,680 reported cases of COVID-19 and 279 confirmed deaths. It remains to be seen how yesterday’s gathering will impact those numbers.

— איתי בלומנטל Itay Blumental (@ItayBlumental) May 22, 2020

— איתי בלומנטל Itay Blumental (@ItayBlumental) May 22, 2020

via Consequence of Sound | Photo by Raz Gross