ISOXO Unleashes His Hotly-Awaited First Album: “kidsgonemad!”

ISOxo‘s debut album “kidsgonemad” has created significant anticipation in the music scene. ISOxo has consistently impressed with his bass-driven music, and his recent appearances with Brownies and Lemonade have only solidified his reputation as a dynamic artist. His sets are known for their unexpected collaborations, original tracks, and remixes that seamlessly traverse bass, trap, and wave genres.

With “kidsgonemad,” ISOxo has delivered a 13-track album that breaks boundaries with each listen. The album is packed with bass-heavy anthems, dynamic synths, and catchy vocals that will stay with you. ISOxo has elevated his sound to new heights while venturing into new musical territories.

Fans can catch ISOxo on his upcoming KIDSGONEMAD tour, scheduled to kick off at the beginning of next year. To experience the album, you can stream it below, and if you’re eager to attend his live performances, you can secure tickets for the tour through the provided link.