Is a 4K TV worth buying in 2020?

These days, for a lot of people, our televisions are the entertainment hubs of our homes. With the addition of smart TVs and endless subscriptions you could easily spend many hours whiling away the time watching the latest movies, documentaries, popular box sets, listening to music or browsing the Internet from this one device.

As with all technological devices we are constantly looking for ways to upgrade to something better, whether it’s a more attractive entertainment package, larger screen or the very latest technology to offer us the best experience in our homes.

In recent years technology has moved at such a spectacular rate with HD and smart versions becoming commonplace, with the next generation of TVs being 4K. It can be difficult to know when to take the leap to an upgrade, if you buy the very first version to be released, they aren’t always the most reliable or perfected versions, so is it better to wait until all of the competition gets involved to ensure that there are a better selection of offerings available?

You may wonder what a 4K TV even is and whether it is worth making the purchase at this time, so we’re here to make things a little clearer for you…

4K is a new development in high-definition TV

What is 4K?

4K is a new development in high-definition TV. It promises superbly realistic and clear pictures, unlike anything before. If you have a current, full-HD television, you will be watching in what is known as 1920 x 1080 resolution, which are the number of pixels in each direction that make up the image on your screen. So, a full HD TV has around two million pixels. These TVs offer a very good screen resolution, with great colour and sharpness, and are very popular too. They come in a wide range of sizes and from all the major brands, and some with added features that make them a great buy in the current market.

So, 4K, what’s the difference? A 4K TV has a resolution of 3840 x 2160. That means more than eight million pixels, four times that of a full HD television. In theory, this gives it a much sharper screen, and will mean better viewing. It also enhances the colour and makes the screen images appear more lifelike, you may also find them referred to as Ultra HD or UHD. So, are they better in reality, or will your full HD television last a few more years before you need to replace it with a 4K model?

There are a number of 4K TVs on the market and there will be more to come, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the general advice is that 4K resolution is best experienced on a large-screen TV, perhaps 65” or more

Should I buy a 4K TV?

There are a number of 4K TVs on the market and there will be more to come, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the general advice is that 4K resolution is best experienced on a large-screen TV, perhaps 65” or more. This is not a choice that everybody wants to make, especially if you have a smaller room, in which a 65” TV will completely dominate, while a 32” example such as those listed here at Best Reviewer may be much more at home.

Furthermore, if you want to experience the full beauty of 4K, you need to be watching a programme or film that has been made for 4K, using 4K filming and production equipment. There is dedicated content out there and more options are being made available all the time with services like Amazon Prime and Netflix providing 4K compatible content for viewers, but does it all live up to the exceptional quality that you’re looking for?

It is clear that 4K will become the norm at some point, especially for people who want a larger screen for a home cinema system or for those sports enthusiasts who want to get up close with every piece of the action. But, do you need to replace your perfectly suitable HD version for the sake of something new? We’ll leave that for you to decide but we think HD TVs have a few years left in them yet.

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