INZO Drops New Funky ‘Multiverse’ EP On Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN

The 5-track Multiverse is a brilliant combination of funk and bass, flowing back and forth between the two complementary styles with ease and panache. This is no more obvious than on “Spectrum.”

It begins with an beautiful orchestral arrangement, something straight out of M83’s interludes, a dreamy soundscape with birds chirping, a light breeze, maybe some wind chimes… the rising bass conveys a great awakening. The first drop is a reflection of the melody, more powerful and impactful. However, something always seems like it’s lurking beneath. Sure enough, a darkness soon approaches. The drums begin hitting harder. The bass oscillates. More heavily textured synths enter the fray. A scream warns of the foreboding chaos as thundering bass takes the place of the more delicate melodies.

Not every track on the EP is like this, and “Spectrum” honestly isn’t even the favorite from the release (that goes to “Y”), but in the opinion, it most accurate portrays INZO’s talent as not only a producer, but a storyteller. All in all, this is a brilliantly written, produced, and composed EP. Even at only 5 tracks, you get a phenomenal idea of who INZO is and what he stands for. Multiverse is out now via WAKAAN — listen below.