Inventive Ways To Wear Colored Eyeliner

Without a question, the beauty world has experienced a slew of trends that promote self-expression this year. The colorful eyeliner fad has inspired cosmetics fans worldwide into experimenting with unexpected tones. The beauty hack is on a roll, from beginner-lined eyes to unorthodox strokes! In other words, the aesthetic feel of the multicolored eyeliner trend suggests creativity. Even more intriguing, it pays respect to legendary eyeliner styles, such as that of Egypt’s gorgeous Cleopatra.

The runway-inspired fashion has not only imposed a wave of magnificent looks amongst and after the epidemic, but it also emanates originality. Trendsetters like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid have been caught on the bandwagon, basking in all of its multifaceted splendour. They embody the cosmetics trend to a tee, with bold and vivid hues that scream bombshell. Whether you’re an out-of-the-box cosmetic minimalist or an all-around daring enthusiast, the multicolored eyeliner trend is for you!

Here Are Some Pointers On How To Pull off The Colorful Eyeliner Trend

Color Palettes

When it comes to selecting the ideal color palette for this trend, the options are as bizarre as they are limitless. Essentially, your approach to makeup is all that is necessary in making the colored option — are you an ethereal and natural devotee, or are you into flamboyant techniques? After you’ve answered these questions, you may choose between neutrals like white or brown and vibrant tones like yellow, blue, or purple.

Shapes And Techniques

All you need to master the art of the colorful eyeliner trend is a canvas and your creative instincts. The structure and strokes you draw here are determined by how you want to express yourself with the appearance you want to achieve. For example, floating cat-eye and empty corner patterns can be subtle, but flamingo wings and crease cutting shapes set the standard for a full-on glam style. Consider the tip of the eyeliner you’ll be using as well, since it has an impact on the shapes you may produce.

Add Another Makeup Staple

Who doesn’t appreciate a little extra? You may experiment with accessories and beauty gems to enhance your colorful eyeliner. Consider pearls and rhinestones, or anything shining like glitter. Similarly, with a colorful eyelid, glossy lip stains and red lipsticks on a natural facial beat or “no makeup” makeup look look great.

So go ahead and empty your cosmetic bags and collect all the vivid eyeliners you can find because we’ve got some eye-catching ideas for you.

Check Out These Inventive Ways To Wear Colored Eyeliner

Color Your Waterline

Using a colored liner on your waterline is a great way to add a burst of color to your neutral-toned makeup. This method offers a unique flair to your overall facial beat, especially when you want to add an edge without appearing to attempt. This strategy can also be used for a full-on glam game. The most important element is to evaluate how adventurous or cautious you want to be.

Go Above (and sometimes beyond)

Perhaps your first exposure to colored liners was seeing them on the lips of your favorite celebrity. This is by far the most well-known strategy, and it’s easy to see why. For one thing, the lids can draw attention from a distance, as opposed to the waterline, which requires close inspection. Aside from that, drawing a line on the lids is simpler than on the waterline, which may cause someone to blink unnecessarily when the liner approaches close. As Marsai Martin has done, one creative method to achieve this is to line with your standard black liner and then closely follow with your colored choice.

Adorn The Entire Space

It’s time to bring the drama! You get to decorate the entire “canvas” using your favorite color(s) and whatever stroke you choose. Consider floating lines, dashes, negative space, and other unusual methods. The more dramatic the scene, the stronger the effect! Here’s a tip: draw an outline of the form you want to create, then fill or trace it with your colored pen. Follow with bright eyeshadow for double the enjoyment.

Do The Wing

A simple wing may be all you need to effortlessly wear the colorful eyeliner trend. This works really nicely on a natural-looking face beat with no makeup. Glide your preferred color across your lid in a single stroke, expanding that wing to make it soar. Take a tip from Justine Skye.