Interesting Spring/Summer 2022 Nail Trends We’re Completely Obsessed With

The fashion industry is always moving at full speed, and if you dare to slumber, you will lose. With trends popping up all over the place, it might be difficult to keep up, but that’s why we’re here. Now that we’re completely in the bright, warm seasons, everything, even our manicures, is beginning to reflect this. So, these are the best nail styles to bravely shine in for Spring/Summer 2022. Something about the spring and summer months shouts colorful nail polish and makes even the most reserved among us want to be daring by experimenting with the latest patterns and styles. From delicate pastels to edgy embellishments, stylish nails are ready to light up these streets, and you don’t want to be left out.

We’ve had more than enough opportunity to look at the nails of trend setters in recent weeks, and we can confidently state that colors are reigning more than ever before. Whether it’s during a champagne toast at the 2022 Oscars after-party or an Instagram Live chat, nail trends for 2022 are making their presence felt. Of course, we adore everything! Your “baby girl” reputation is undeniably valuable, which means you should keep up with every trend, from fashion to beauty to, yes, manicure trends. As a consequence, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular nails for 2022 that any fashion/beauty/slay-focused women should be aware of.

To Inspire Your Manicure, These Are The Top Stylish Nails For Spring/Summer 2022


This is unsurprising given that pastels are quickly becoming the color of choice for the Spring season. With this pattern, the possibilities are unlimited, ranging from hints of baby blue to pinks, oranges, and even yellows. A particular favorite twist on this design is the rainbow nails trend, which is a lovely mix of charming and adventurous.

Clear Nails

Remember when it felt like heavy layers of nail lacquer on artificial nails were the only option? Not any longer! It is no longer a crime to wear transparent nails, thanks to innovative nail artists and manicurists. In fact, it will undoubtedly be one of the trendiest nail styles in 2022. We’ve seen them with wavy blue lines, pink glitter accents, and even flowers! Don’t you think this is a fascinating alternative to wear this season?

Fierce Embellishments

Unfortunately, here is where the tough gals have a field day! We had no clue what was in store as decorations transferred their brilliance from our clothing to our nails. We appreciated their flare, but nothing could have prepared us for the edge they would command and how beautifully they would complement our overall outfit. We’ve since discovered this, which is why these sparkly nails are completely trendy this season.

Art Galore

Nail art has practically become that. Given the myriad artistic directions nail techs are pursuing this season, there isn’t a dull manicure in sight. We’re witnessing a strong exhibition of originality and weirdness, from little drawings of your favorite cartoon character to abstractions, patterns, and everything in between, and boy, do we approve!