Instagram’s Threads App Allows Close Friends To Stay In Touch with “Just Two Taps”

As if we needed more any more social media options and there’s a new app on the block. However, this one is different because it’s built with privacy in mind. Just like parent company Facebook, Instagram has officially launched its very own direct messaging app called Threads. The platform’s shtick is that it allows friends to keep in touch with just two taps. The video below demonstrates how it’s done.

Unlike Facebook Messenger — which can easily become riddled with a mess of conversations from your most distant acquaintances — Threads is meant to house your most intimate conversations with close friends. Unlike Snapchat — again — this is intended for keeping in touch with the people you’re closest with.

The app allows you to set a “status” so your close friends know what you’re up to. There’s another tool, “Auto Status,” that lets them know what you’re probably doing based on location data.

Threads prides itself on being the “fastest” way to stay in touch. Users can share what they’re doing with “just two taps.” See below and read more here via Instagram.

Instagram Launches Threads App

Source: USA Today