Instagram Targets TikTok With New Competitor app “Reels”

Instagram isn’t shy about taking ideas from other platforms, particularly Snapchat, but now it’s preparing to launch its TikTok competitor, Reels, in the US this August. Like TikTok, Reels is designed for short-form, creative content.

Reels has already launched in India, following a ban of TikTok in that market, and has been tested in Brazil, France, and Germany.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed a U.S. (and international) launch, saying “We’re excited to bring Reels to more countries, including the U.S., in early August,” without providing specific details of which further markets will be added.

“The community in our test countries has shown so much creativity in short-form video, and we’ve heard from creators and people around the world that they’re eager to get started as well,” the spokesperson added.

Instagram is banking on a prospective TikTok ban to take place, allowing it to capitalize on tens of millions of users if the app disappears. Even if the ban doesn’t go through, there’s been plenty of negative press surrounding TikTok to lead creators to find an alternative platform for their content. Even Snapchat has also begun “testing TikTok-like navigation for its public video content, and YouTube is running a smaller test of its own,” according to Tech Crunch.

No exact launch date for Instagram Reels in the US was provided.

via Tech Crunch