Instagram Spices Up Boomerang Feature with New Effects & Editing

Instagram is stepping up its Boomerang game with some brand new effects. As TikTok, Snapchat, and other social media platforms compete for our attention with filters and meme-style content sharing, Instagram is putting its focus on the Boomerang.

Surprisingly, there hasn’t been an update to the feature since launching Boomerang on the platform five years ago — but that’s all changing now as Instagram strives to stay relevant.

Here are the short descriptions of each new effect:

SlowMo – Slows down your Boomerang to capture each detail.
Echo – Creates a double vision effect.
Duo – Both speeds up and slows down your Boomerang, adding a texturized effect.
Trimming – Edit the length of your Boomerang, and when it starts or ends.

See the new Boomerang effects at play in the demonstration video below.

Instagram’s Boomerang Effects: SlowMo, Echo & Duo

Source: TechCrunch