Instagram Influencer Gabbie Hanna Faked Her Coachella Trip & Here’s Why

Instead of actually going to Coachella, Instagram influencer Gabbie Hanna decided to prove how easy it is to fake going to Coachella. The catch: it still turned out to be a lot of work. However, she saved a lot of money and still got the engagement she wanted from the weekend on social media. The inspiration for her fake Coachella posts came after learning that some fellow influencers double up on outfits and then pretend they’re posting from both weekends. In reality, over weekend two they’re at home in their PJs, still recovering from weekend one, miles away from Indio, California.

Why do they do this? For the followers.

Hours upon hours of planning outfits, packing and getting ready, a few photo shoots later, and plenty of work in Photoshop — finally, Gabbie had her content. It was so convincing that she had people who knew she wasn’t at Coachella still messaging her things like, “Wait — so are you actually at Coachella?”

Here’s the point… According to Gabbie, Coachella is an “investment.” However, she feels that it’s a “lot of work for something you’re probably not enjoying.” At least, if you’re an influencer doing it all for the ‘gram. This IRL vs. IG experiment goes to show how silly it is to go to Coachella for the content. If you love the music and it’s not just about the selfies — Coachella is a great experience. The biggest takeaway in all of this? Social media is a bold-faced lie. Just watch.