Inspired By Pride Month Charly Jordan Has Unleashed Lady Gaga In New House Anthem, “No Sleep”

Inspired by Pride Month, Charly Jordan has unleashed an absolute heater of a new song in ‘No Sleep,’ a Lady Gaga sampled house record that is incredibly groovy from start to finish. As you’ll hear below, the track breathes new life into Gaga’s infamous interview – from the deep, driving bassline to the crisp drums this track is simply made for the club. The release also comes alongside the exciting news of Jordan kicking off her residency at the brand new Zouk Las Vegas, joining the likes of big time acts such as ZeddDJ SnakeZHU, and more. Stream ‘No Sleep’ via Spotify below and read what Charly has to say about this tune as well.

“This track is inspired by pride month, so obviously I had to include Lady Gaga seeing as she is an iconic LGBTQ advocate. I grew up in a super repressed religious family and watched many of my close friends struggle with being open about who they were. I always love to express stories through music and being able to make something that’s fun and meaningful is always the best. I hope you guys enjoy!” – Charly Jordan

Charly Jordan – No Sleep