Insomniac is promoting New RAVE Event for dance music fans over Memorial Day Weekend

Insomniac is promoting what appears to be yet another music festival, RAVE. Live events may be returning sooner than we thought possible, as Insomniac readies dance music fans for this two-day stint over Memorial Day Weekend. Promo for the new concept screams techno RAVE, featuring Maceo Plex‘s Renaissance Remix for “Blade Runner” by Remake. So far, no specific location has been revealed for RAVE. Following Insomniac’s Abduction announcement and the Insomniac East tag, however — Florida is most likely the move. We expect an official announcement and lineup shortly, being that the festival is already two months out.

Meanwhile, the promoter’s flagship event EDC Las Vegas is currently scheduled for the weekend before and hopeful attendees are eager for updates. Last we heard, the festival was moving forward as planned — but if it gets delayed, Insomniac has other outdoor events on the books. As we move cautiously into this new era of live events, all eyes and ears are on Insomniac.

Explore Insomniac’s full event’s calendar here.

Insomniac Events: RAVE

We heard you missed the rave. 🌇🖤

— Insomniac Events (@InsomniacEast) March 9, 2021

Photo by Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events