Insomniac Announces Escape Virtual Rave-A-Thon For This Weekend

Insomniac will be back this weekend with a new virtual rave-a-thon, this time embracing the brand of their consummate Halloween festival, Escape Psycho Circus. If you haven’t been keeping track, so far, Insomniac has hosted virtual raves with Beyond Wonderland, Countdown, HARD, and Nocturnal Wonderland. Escape will be the fifth week in a row for the live streams, which have only gotten better and more polished with each broadcast.

No lineup yet for this one — expect it tomorrow or Thursday — but you can tune in at the same time, Friday & Saturday from 8pm-12am PST.

— Pasquale Rotella (@PasqualeRotella) April 15, 2020

Original Photo by Alex Estrada for Insomniac Events