Improve Your SoundCloud Experience with Dark Mode, Stream Options & More

There’s a Google Chrome extension out there that allows SoundCloud users to customize their listening experience. YellowCloud for SoundCloud has a load of aesthetic features, including dark mode, full-width mode (think like Spotify), and much more. There’s also display mode, which allows users to select from default, compact, and grid.

Digging for content is also more streamlined, thanks to YellowCloud. The service offers options to hide playlists, previews, longer tracks (like mixes), specific tags, reposts, and/or personal activity from the stream. In turn, this declutters the stream, so you can spend more time listening to uploads straight from the artists you follow.

Check it out on your Google Chrome browser. More info here.

YellowCloud for SoundCloud Features

– Dark mode
– Fullwidth mode
– Responsive design
– Toggle sidebar
– Toggle sqaure profile pictures
– Enhanced more action menu
– Display mode (Default, compact and grid)
– Mass unfollower
– Hide playlists from stream
– Hide previews from stream
– Hide longer tracks from stream
– Hide specific tags from stream
– Hide all reposts from stream
– Hide your activity from stream
– Hide other clutter